A trip to lithuania

After we went to Sweden we thought we could go to Lithuania. The first sight that hit us was that we couldn’t se that many mountains. Another thing we discovered was that there was a very stable weather. Although it was a little chilly it could also be a bit warm.

We tried to find the highest mountain in Lithuania, but the only thing we found was this bump in the road. It even had a name Aukštojasbakken we later discovered that it was the highest point in Lithuania. We where not really impressed. Lithuania was very flat.

We really liked us here, although Harald was born in Lithuania, and moved to Norway when he was three years old. He was our guide around at the same time he was a tourist. He enjoyed to look at the country he was born in.

I really wanted to see the coast of Lithuania, and see what they did to dock the boats. I really wanted to see that, but then again, i didn’t get my will. I really was looking forward to it. It looks so good on pictures, and it looks like nothing is bothering the beach. No trash. I know most of the pictures are fake, or photoshopped, but i had dreams to find out.

So, when we came to Lithuania and we wanted to visit some places and attractions, there was one famous place called «Kryziu Kalnas» or in English «Hill of crosses». The reason why there is so many crosses there is because, when Lithuania and Poland became a part of the «Russian Empire» in the late 17th century the rebels of Lithuania and Poland protested against the «Russian Empire», furthermore the «Russian Empire» killed many of the protestors and rebels. The families of the dead rebels and protestors tried to find the bodies of them, but they didn’t succeed. So they placed crosses on top of a hill, instead of burying the dead that they didn’t find the bodies of.

In the year 1961 to 1975 when Lithuania was a part of Soviet Union, the Russians demolished the entire hill with a bulldozer 3 times. All the crosses that were placed on the hill were completely destroyed, also around 8000 crosses, but lucky the hill was still popular and «grew» fast up. The Russians did it because Lithuanians tried to prove their religion and their culture, but the Russians didn’t like it so they basically demolished the entire place.

After when we were done visiting Vilnius, we drove of to Šiauliai. We were around 10 kilometres away from «Kryziu Kalnas» or «Hill of crosses», it was a really long trip and it took us around 3,5 hours from Vilnius because of traffic jams. When we reached «Hill of crosses», we saw a big crowd of tourist being all around the place. We went to the hill and started «exploring» the hill. The tourist guides have estimated that there is around 100 000 crosses on top of hill. After when we were done visiting the hill, we wanted to learn about some famous Lithuanians.

There are many famous Lithuanians. Arvydas Sabonis and Zedrunas Savickas are two of them. When we first visited Lithuania, we thought that we could try to find out where one of them lived and try getting his autograph. Erik wanted to find Arvydas Sabonis, because he is a big basketball fan and wanted to meet the best basketball player in Europe. Harald and me wanted to find Zedrunas Savickas. Both of us were interested in seeing if he was as strong as he was in the world strongest man competition. He must be very strong if he won the whole competition, we all watched the video on YouTube were he squats 440kg three times.
After arguing a long time, me and Harald won the argument. Erik was a little bit mad because he couldn’t meet Arvydas Sabonis but he also wanted to meet the world strongest man, so he was okay with it.

We tried to find the address were he lived on the internet, but it wasn’t on any pages. So we ended up walking around in Plunge where Erik had heard that he had been earlier that day on twitter, after a while we gave up. After all the walking we were very hungry, so we ordered a big family pizza from Charlie Pizza. It was good with some pizza after all that walking.