Our trip to Greece

We flew from Norway to Greece and stayed there for three days. During these three days we visited some important places in Greece.

Historical place
On the first day of our holiday, Anne, Hedda and I went to the beautiful Acropolis, located in the capital of Greece, Athens. Acropolis is a rocky mound rising, which is crowned by three temples. Acropolis used to be a city, with many buildings, but since Acropolis was built BC most of the buildings were gone. Which isn’t that surprising. There are so many sculptures too admire, and the ancient architecture is beautiful.
The Acropolis is historically important because it is prehistoric, and the unique architecture has been a inspiration for many architectures.

When we gazed upon the temple of Athena Nike, it felt like we were being hit by history, there was so much to take in. From the gigantic pillars, to the detailed decorations on top.
We were amazed over how well the temple has held up , since it was built around 420 BC.

Now we went on a extremely hot day, so couldn’t be there that long, but Acropolis is definitely worth seeing. Though we would recommend going on a cooler day. Our guide (Stanly) was exhausted from the heat, so we ended up going on our own, and googled stuff we wanted to ask Stanly.

This is a picture of Hedda, Anne and I in Acropolis.

White tower of Thessaloniki

We continued our journey down to Greece. On the first day in Greece we took the buss to the Acropolis, the second day we visited the White tower of Thessaloniki and the last day we went to see the parliament.

I think all the places we went was amazing, but I especially liked wen we visited the white tower of Thessaloniki. We took a cab to the tower and met our tourist guide, Emma. She showed us all six floors in the tower. Emma told us that the tower is really famous and known for its cylinder shape. We learned a lot, for example that now it is a museum that contains 23 hundred years of history, but was originally made to protect the harbors and later used as a prison.when I looked at the tower, I wondered why it was white, and Emma told me that some people think it was a prisoner that cleaned it in exchange for his freedom, but that others think it was to symbolize the end of the Thessaloniki’s era as a Turkish city.

After a nice day wee went back to our hotel in Athens. Under our journey we took a lot of pictures, so when we came home we shared all our memories from Greece on Snapchat.

The parliament
The third day of our vacation we went to the parliament building in Athens . We bought a guided tour in the parliament. We entered the building and it was huge and had many The parliament was built from 1836 to 1842. Greece is a republic and has a democratic government system. Same as Norway. When we entered the government we had to take of our jackets and shoes to prevent dirtiness. While we walked through the building the guide told us a lot of facts. For example that Greece has been a member of EU since 1981 and that the government has around 300 members.

We walked into the big hall where all the discussion happens. At the same time the guide told us about the president. The president in Greece is Prokopis Pavlopoulos. He was born 10 of July 1950, he is 67 years old . Prokopis is a politician and jurist. He was chosen by 233 out of 300 members in 2015. Prokopis is married and have three children.

When the tour was finished we heeded back to the hotel. We talked about how huge and pretty the parliament building was.