Trip to Poland

Religion in Poland
Day 1

The first day we was in Poland we was going to visit a house that show the religion in Poland, but in Poland they have two big religions. They have Christianise and Orthodox religion. We found out that it is 94% Christianise and 0.03% orthodox. So because it’s a lot more Christianise people we decided to go to an Christianise church. The church is named st.Mary’s church. The church is also called church of our lady assumed into heaven and it’s placed in Kraków. We had an guide that said it was 80m tall. The church had an orange colour. When we had been there for 25 minutes a sound from the top of the church start playing. Thea asked what it was and the guide answered that every hour a sound come from the top of the church and play music. The guide told us that the church was built in 1347. We all thought that the church was really beautiful. But it was not that fun so we was going around in Kraków. You can’t drive there so we did just go a little bit around. We got home and start planning what we was going to do the second day. 
The government and the landscape
Day 2

We woke up in our hotel room. We wanted to find the government in Poland, so we googled some information about it. We found out that Poland is a republic, and that the president was called Andrzej Duda. The prime minister was called Beata Szydło, we were happy to find out that the prime minister was a woman.
Poland is a democratic republic, and they choose a new Head of State every five years. Poland has a «tworoomed parlament», wich consists of Sejmen and the Senate. We visited Sejmen in Warsawa. It was extremely boring, and we left after half an hour.
On our way back, we discovered that Poland was almost as flat as Denmark. We found a map over the country and saw that all the high mountains was in the south. We saw a lot of bogs on our way home. I got really sad when I saw a coal-burning power station. We got told by the bus driver that Poland still used coal-burning power stations. I got a little upset, but Signe and Mari didn’t seem to care. They just wanted to get back to the hotel room and get some sleep. We couldn’t find a bus that went directly to our hotel, so we had to take one bus to the centre of the city, and then another bus to the hotel.

We got to our room and took a nap. We decided to talk about our trip to Kraków the day before. Signe didn’t like the bus ride, because it was extremely hot inside the bus. We had to walk a few kilometers to get to the basilica. The basilica is located in a little, old «village» where you are not allowed to drive a car. You can take a horse cab, but we didn’t want to use too much money. It was a interesting trip, but it wasn’t that fun.
Day 3

The last day in poland. We have learned much about Poland in only 3 days. Today we went shopping. At one of the shops, the worker told us that the prices was really low. Their currency they use is euro, which means that 1000 NOK, is 112,89 €. We didn’t buy much stuff, only things we need to this trip. Like food, and clothes.

When we were done shopping, we walked back to the hotel. At the street a man asked us if we wanted a brochure about Poland. We took the brochure, and as soon as we came back to the hotel, we sat down at started reading it. We read that Poland is currently an industrial country. That means that they have good economy, and that the country don’t need help like other countries do, like Africa. The brochure also said that the first Polish state arose in 956.

Poland was also affected by the Second World War. The Germans demanded the life of 6 million polish people. Half of them were Jewish. When the war was over, the power over Poland were taken over by the Sovjet Union.