Traveling in Russia

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a church which lays in St. Petersburg in Russia. The construction started in 1883 and was controlled by Emperor Alexander III. It was made to commemorate his father, Alexander II. Alexander II was assassinated on the scene where the church was built. Therefore causing the name referring to spilled blood.

The Russian federal assembly lies in Moscow, it was founded 12 December 1993.

The jurisdiction of the Council of the Federation includes: approval of changes in borders between subjects of the Russian Federation, approval of the decree of the President on the introduction of a martial law or on the introduction of a state of emergency, deciding on the possibility of using the Armed Forces of Russia outside the territory of the Russia, appointment of elections of the President, impeachment of the President, appointment of judges of higher courts of Russia, appointment and dismissal of the Procurator-General of the Russian Federation, appointment and dismissal of Deputy Chairman and half of the auditors of the all Accounting Chamber and others.

The valley of geysers is a geyser field in the far east of Russia. The geyser field is the second largest geyser field in the world. It was discovered by a local scientist in 1941. Since then it has been a big tourist and scientist attraction. The whole field has a total of ninety geysers and multiple hot springs. There has been discovered degrees at 250°C. But that is 500 meters below the surface.
We where able to get an interview with a Russian citizen

«How is it like to live in Russia?»
«(Hmmmm) it’s great!, living in Russia is like living in a proud country!»
«What do you think about the industry in this country?»
«Most of the industry is based around reactors, planes and weapons!»
«How is Russian nature?»
«The nature is beautiful here in Russia and has many expensive recourse!»
«Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!»

Russia is a awesome place. We went to the Elbrus mountain and the other mountains in that area. I’ve learned that the mountain is 5 642m over the ocean. We went to see the Uralfjell in Kasakstan. We learned that Russia is the largest country in the world by surface. The height scared me at that moment. I just love the landscape and the fresh air in Russia. I think it’s lots of forests and woods there to! Can’t wait to see more! Herman couldn’t stop watching the buildings, they are so colorful and beautiful. When we stayed in Moskva three days ago, Sigbjørn and Herman really wanted to see the St.Basil Cathedral. We learned so much. We couldn’t stop talking about it in hours. In the meantime we met lots of kind people! The religion in Russia is Russia Orthodox! We met a Buddhist called Jashį, he gave us so much information about the country. He told us about the «historical heritage» in Russia, and we had lots of fun things to do after that. Herman,

De 100 tingene du må ha sett før du dør

Sigbjørn and I went to some museums as well. Russia is really a pretty awesome place!!

The country is in industrial production. It has a mixed economy. The valuta is Russian dollars. The country has army industry, the make high-tech military equipment. They make jets and planes. The economy is actually the sixth largest in the world. We had lots of fun with this in Russia. Buying this we won’t use, just for buying. It was fun to see the difference between values.